Noon Academy: Midlife Muse Transformation Course

Join expert Christina Ioannidis to get a fresh perspective on your life, be your own muse and create a clear pathway to fulfilment.

Midlife hits us like a steam-roller. Unprepared and under-informed about the trials and tribulations of this tumultuous time, leaves us women exposed: psychologically, professionally, financially.

The Midlife Muse Transformation Course — launching on Saturday 12 February and led by the award-winning transformation trainer and speaker Christina Ioannidis — has been designed to:

  • Reboot your life, health, mind and attitude
  • Give you a framework to rebuild yourself
  • Offer you a clear path to reconquer and thrive as a Midlife Muse!

What to expect

A transformational boot camp for only £390 + VAT which will help you unleash the Midlife Muse inside you!

The 1-month boot camp consists of 12 modules:

  • 1 live session per week
  • 2 on-demand video sessions

The live sessions are group-based and held on a weekly basis on Zoom with your very own transformation coach, Christina Ioannidis.

Each module you will receive:

  • Dedicated workbook with themed learning resources, checklists and exercises
  • Post session homework (to complete in your own time, along with your favourite tipple)

In addition to the course modules, you will benefit from accessing the Midlife Muse Transformation Mentoring Group, which will provide you with invaluable, money-can’t-buy inspiration and support for this important transition in your life.

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Who you are

You are a woman who is facing the turmoils of midlife — you have lost your mojo, you feel lost, depressed, deflated. You know something is changing inside you both mentally and physically. You know you can’t go on like this. You are looking for a path to understand what is happening, but also a way to rebuild your life and become a Midlife Muse in a time when it all just seems so hard.

About Christina

Christina has faced the challenges of midlife and has come out the other side. Despite being an award-winning transformation trainer and speaker, she has also had to transform herself into a Modern Muse, navigating life’s multiple upheavals as a chronic illness sufferer and breadwinner / carer. She has most recently been a Noon Menopause Diaries contributor and she sits on Noon’s Board of Advisors.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to transform midlife into clear path to to reconquer and thrive as a Midlife Muse!

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Noon Academy Presents

Noon Expert: Christina Ioannidis

Christina helps people transform in midlife, so they can act as their own muse to get their mojo back and feel invigorated mentally and physically.

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What people are saying

A Leader and a Mentor is defined as someone who finds potential in people and makes it their mission to develop them; and that is Christina Ioannidis, the Transformation queen; she rolls up her sleeves and drives alongside to the mission. She has an aura that resonates and makes magic.” — N. Al Moosawi

I have been working with Christina Ioannidis for the last 4 years. She has always been able to provide creative ways by which I can develop my career. Additionally, she has been instructive in helping me expand my personal visibility, as well as, my personal brand, both within my country and internationally. Her support has been invaluable!”M. Ahli

Christina’s personal coaching helped me to identify my own unique skill set and highlight my professional skills as well as rediscover my overall professional persona and creative skills. Thanks to our hard work together, I have been able to reboot and rebrand from corporate in-house lawyer to legal consultant.” — R. Rayman


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