Noon Academy: Dating in Midlife

Our transformative course teaches you how to find the person you need for the relationship you want with 6 modules packed full of science-based advice.

Are you tired of being on your own?

Are you a successful woman who’s got her life sorted – only you’d really like someone to share it with?

Do you keep getting together with men who don’t seem to want the relationship that you do; who don’t meet your needs?

The good news is you can find a great partner, with the Noon Academy: Dating in Midlife Course. Sign up today to secure your spot — it starts Saturday 30 April 2022!

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What you’ll learn

Our transformative course, led by behavioural biologist Mairi Macleod, PhD, will teach you exactly how to find the man you need for the relationship you want. For only £390 + VAT, over 6 modules packed full of science-based advice, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get into a positive, confident mindset and see your attractiveness and approachability grow
  • Identify the men who have what it takes to meet your needs
  • Write a compelling online dating profile that’s a filter as well as a magnet
  • Stop wasting time on men who aren’t good relationship material
  • Increase opportunities for meeting and talking to potential partners
  • Become an expert in how to find, attract and desire the man that you need for a rewarding and secure relationship


Why work with Mairi?

Mairi Macleod and husband having coffee portrait“I’ve been where you are now – on my own, or getting into relationships that didn’t work.

“But I worked out effective new ways to find and select a man, based on biological and psychological research. As a result I found (and married) a fantastic man – the love of my life, and now I’m helping other women, like you, to do the same!

“As a behavioural biologist, and after many years of writing, researching and consulting on human behaviour around relationships, I’ve developed strategies to help women in midlife find the love they crave – all using peer-reviewed science and a lot of experience.

“I’ll show you how to ditch the disempowering attitude around trying to be appealing to men, and instead I’ll give you the tools to identify, attract, desire, and find, the kind of man who has what it takes to co-create a fantastic, secure relationship with you!”

How it works

The 6-week course features 6 modules, with weekly emails from Mairi to keep you on track, 3 live group Zoom sessions (see below for scheduled dates) and a private Facebook group for personalised advice. Both in the group calls and the Facebook group you’ll have the chance to discuss your challenges and experiences with other women in the same situation (and likely make some great friends in the process). You’ll be part of a group of women like you, looking to embark on a positive experience of dating and finding a partner. All this — a proven strategy for finding a partner — for only £390 + VAT! Scroll down for a full list of all elements of the course. (Be sure to read the Terms of Purchase.)

The Successful Dating in Midlife Course

Noon Academy Presents

Noon Expert: Dr Mairi Macleod

You CAN find love later in life! Our Noon expert reveals why we shouldn’t always trust our gut instincts and how to identify, attract and desire someone to create a fantastic relationship

Read more about Mairi

Explore the 6 modules of the course

In each module you’ll address another aspect to help you find the partner you want in the modern dating world.

  • Module 1: Confidence – How to improve yours and determine your relationship needs
  • Module 2: Mate Value – What “mate value” is and how to use it
  • Module 3: Personality – What the “Big 5” personality factors mean
  • Module 4: Attachment Style – Your attachment style and what you need in a relationship
  • Module 5: Online Dating – How to write your profile and strategies for dating
  • Module 6: Meeting Men – How and where to meet men and get off on the right foot

Read more about each Module

What’s included?

Your course materials:

  • Access to video presentations for 6 Modules – review them as many times as you like (around 6 hours in total) – for the duration of the course (6 weeks)
  • Downloadable and printable Workbook with exercises to complete each week, plus a Master Template for the Man You Need which you’ll personalise as you go along
  • Downloadable and printable summaries of all the Modules (so you don’t need to take notes!)

And to give you the support and accountability you need:

  • 3 live Zoom calls with me and your co-participants where we’ll go through what the science-based advice means for you personally. (One on 30 April at 12pm to kick things off, one on 21 May at 12pm and one on 11 June at 12pm.) There will be breakout rooms so you can get to know your co-participants, and you can ask dating questions as well as share your stories, challenges, and successes!
  • A weekly email from Mairi to keep you on track, give you encouragement, and help ensure everyone’s going through the course together. She’ll also give you links to further reading and video content as we go along
  • A private Facebook Group for the women participating in the course where you can inspire each other and share experiences with your course-mates. Mairi will be in there every day to answer your questions

And if all that’s not enough there are BONUSES!

  • Video presentations on “Menopause, Hormones & You” and “Social Support Sorted”
  • “Biology Plus” videos for those who want to take a deeper dive into the science of our relationship behaviour
  • A mini-course on “Putting Your Best Face Forward” on getting your unique self into your dating profile pics by professional brand photographer, Donna Green

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Here’s What Women Are Saying About Mairi’s Work

“I’ve recently completed Mairi’s course and it has been absolutely phenomenal! I can honestly say I have met the love of my life – my soul mate – and it really is all down to what I’ve learned on this course. Thank you, Mairi – I have never been so happy” — Nancy Harvey, 52

“Armed with Mairi’s advice I signed up to an online dating site and did pretty much what she suggested and I was amazed – all these men came back to me wanting a date… I met Chris and 10 weeks in we’re still together and very much in love!” — Jane Rayner, 54

“Since attending Mairi’s course, my approach to dating has totally changed. As a result, I am now seeing a wonderful guy who in the past would not have been on my radar! I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it very highly indeed.” — Adele Needham, 60

“The course has taught me how to actually desire the man I need, rather than simply relying on chemistry, and I’m putting the advice into practice! I’m currently seeing a lovely man, seeing where it goes and simply enjoying the journey. I would so recommend this program!” — Shona Hotson, 59

Get your romantic life on track for only £390 (+VAT )– with access to the programme for a full 6 weeks.

Hurry, the course starts on Saturday 30 April 2022!

Go here to secure your spot now

(Be sure to read the Terms of Purchase.)

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