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Our new Noon Academy course is all about transformation. In this special FREE taster session you can get a taste of the course as well as inspirational advice on how to take on challenges at this point in life.

Midlife hits us like a steam-roller. Unprepared and under-informed about the trials and tribulations of this tumultuous time, women can feel exposed: psychologically, professionally, financially. Find out more about the Midlife Muse Transformation Course.

Led by award-winning transformation speaker and coach Christina Ioannidis, this program will allow you to get to grips with your midlife challenges, as well as offer you a way to rebuild both your life and mindset – even when it all seems too hard.

What you’ll learn

The Midlife Muse Transformation Boot Camp has been designed to:

  • Reveal what is happening to your body and mind in midlife
  • Reboot your life, health, mind and attitude
  • Guide you on your way to rebuilding yourself
  • Provide a clear new path towards reconquering your life and thriving as Midlife Muse

Get ready to meet your inner Midlife Muse!

Join our Taster Session with Christina and Noon Founder Eleanor Mills on Saturday 29th January at 12:00 GMT. Join us to find out exactly what this course has to offer and get advice on how to embark on your own midlife transformation!



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