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Is This You?

  • Are you tired of being on your own?
  • Are you a successful woman who’s got her life sorted – only you’d really like someone to share it with?
  • Do you keep getting together with men who don’t seem to want the relationship that you do; who don’t meet your needs

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then this Taster is definitely for you!

In this free Taster of our new Noon Academy course Successful Dating in Midlife, Noon founder Eleanor Mills talks to behavioural biologist and dating consultant Mairi Macleod about her scientific approach for finding the right man for you. Mairi will tell the story of how she herself successfully changed her ways and found the love of her life at 50.

What you’ll learn in our Dating Masterclass:

  • How to grow your self-esteem and get into a healthy mindset for dating
  • How to identify and connect with the men who have the qualities needed for a great relationship
  • How to write your online dating profile to be a magnet for the man you need and a filter for the duffers
  • Where to meet good men in real life and how to make contact

Mairi will finish up with a quick overview of her full Successful Dating in Midlife Course and how to find the man, and then there will be a Q&A session where she’ll answer your dating questions!

This free 1 hour 15 minute Masterclass is a taster of our upcoming Noon Academy: Successful Dating in Midlife Course, starting on Saturday 30 April 2022. (Find out more about the full course and sign up here!)


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Mairi Macleod portrait glasses and booksYour Expert

Mairi Macleod PhD is a behavioural biologist and after many years of writing, researching and consulting on human behaviour around relationships, she’s developed strategies to help women over 50 find love – all using peer-reviewed science and a lot of experience. And she’s been where you are now – on your own or getting into relationships that didn’t work.

Through her strategy, applied via science, she found a fantastic man. Now she wants to help you do the same!

Join Noon for this Taster and we’ll help you ditch the disempowering attitude around trying to be appealing to men. We’ll show you how to find the kind of man who has what it takes to co-create a fantastic, secure relationship.


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