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How to be in the room where it happens

How do you highlight your value in your job? Lisa Unwin shares her tips in a post-Covid workplace.

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Noon Academy: Midlife Muse Transformation Course

Join expert Christina Ioannidis to get a fresh perspective on your life, be your own muse and create a clear pathway to fulfilment.

Noon Expert: Christina Ioannidis

Christina helps people transform in midlife, so they can act as their own muse to get their mojo back and feel invigorated mentally and physically.

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Noon Academy: Couch to Career in Five Weeks

Join expert Lisa Unwin to redefine your career, update your CV and LinkedIn and get a clear personal career plan.

Noon Expert: Dr Mairi Macleod

You CAN find love later in life! Our Noon expert reveals why we shouldn't always trust our gut instincts and how to identify, attract and desire someone to create a fantastic relationship.

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Stacey Duguid: Dressing for summer

Noon's fashion friend, Stacey Duguid, gives her take on summer style and tells us that joyful dressing isn't the same for everyone.

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Understanding women's midlife weight gain

Should we worry about gaining weight around our middles in midlife? Can we do anything about it? Dr Nighat has answers

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What to expect from dating in midlife

Katie Glass reveals the ins and outs of what to expect from the midlife dating world.

Understanding life without children

Julia Bueno understands the challenge of losing a child as well as grappling with feelings associated with a childfree life. Here, she gives her insight

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