Connect is the area of Noon where you can meet the experts we’ve assembled to answer your biggest questions in midlife. More experts will be coming as the site grows – tell us your questions and what kind of people you’d like to connect with via the Contact form.

Noon Expert: Dr Nighat Arif

Noon Expert: Dr Nighat Arif

Noon Expert: Julia Bueno

Julia Bueno shines a light on reproductive mental health including infertility, grief and loss

Noon Expert: Julia Bueno

Noon Expert: Sheila V

Noon Expert: Sheila V

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Connect: Noon Experiences with Experts

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Reignite your career: Take the Noon Masterclass!

Lisa Unwin, Noon’s Career Expert, gives you a roadmap to returning to the workplace with our Reignite Your Career Masterclass

What is the Noon Eating Disorders Parent Support Group?

When a child is ill with an eating disorder the whole family suffers. At Noon we understand what that feels like.

Connect: Reboot Your Career

Reboot your career: An online Zoom group with Lisa Unwin for women returning to work or changing directions.

Sex in midlife: What’s affecting my libido?

Discover the things that can impact your sex drive as you get older.

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