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Dr Nighat Arif – Sex / Health

Dr Arif will provide answers to your questions about libido, sex, gynaecological cancers, menopause and more.

Lisa Unwin – Career

Trying to get back into your career after a break? Want to change direction? Lisa will tell you how.

Sheila V – Handling Change

Learn how to master the fear, anxiety and uncertainty to make the kind of change you want in your life.

Julia Bueno – Reproductive Mental Health

Cope with the mental challenges of fertility treatments, surrogacy, childlessness and child loss with a psychotherapist.

Alicia Drummond – Parenting Teens

Whether you have a troubled teen or just want these years to be easier on everyone, adolescent therapist Alicia can help.

Kati Taunt – Trauma

This nationally well respected trauma therapist brings her experience of trauma and other emotional issues to help women explore and process trauma.


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Reignite your career: Take the Noon Masterclass!

Lisa Unwin, Noon’s Career Expert, gives you a roadmap to returning to the workplace with our Reignite Your Career Masterclass

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How to Help Teens Cope with Anxiety

Alicia Drummond explores the effects of the pandemic on our children, and what we can do to counter them

9 things to expect from midlife dating

Cosmo Landesman explores the pitfalls of returning to the dating scene

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