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Dr Nighat Arif – Sex / Health

Dr Arif will provide answers to your questions about libido, sex, gynaecological cancers, menopause and more.

Lisa Unwin – Career

Trying to get back into your career after a break? Want to change direction? Lisa will tell you how.

Sheila V – Handling Change

Learn how to master the fear, anxiety and uncertainty to make the kind of change you want in your life.

Julia Bueno – Reproductive Mental Health

Cope with the mental challenges of fertility treatments, surrogacy, childlessness and child loss with a psychotherapist.

Alicia Drummond – Parenting Teens

Whether you have a troubled teen or just want these years to be easier on everyone, adolescent therapist Alicia can help.

Kati Taunt – Trauma

This nationally well respected trauma therapist brings her experience of trauma and other emotional issues to help women explore and process trauma.


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Reignite your career: Take the Noon Masterclass!

Lisa Unwin, Noon’s Career Expert, gives you a roadmap to returning to the workplace with our Reignite Your Career Masterclass

How to Help Teens Cope with Anxiety

Alicia Drummond explores the effects of the pandemic on our children, and what we can do to counter them

9 things to expect from midlife dating

Cosmo Landesman explores the pitfalls of returning to the dating scene

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