Travel Stories

Travelling in mid-life offers a wealth of enjoyable new adventures and destinations. Whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner, family members or friends, there’s a world of experiences waiting to be discovered.

“The biggest thing I took away from the trip was the reminder that we are never alone in facing challenges and problems"

Ali Fairhurst (far left in the front row in the pic above) was one of the group of 12 women on the first ever Noon tour, to Morocco. It was an experience that she will treasure for so many reasons, as she explains. 

Our family and friends think we're incredible for actually doing something so bold

When Kathinka Horn and her husband Kirstan decided they wanted to shake things up in their lives, they made the decision to go on the sort of trip that most of us only dream of.

Iceland - a country like no other

Majestic landscapes, thrilling sights and wonderful adventures are what Diane Kenwood discovered on an unexpected trip to Iceland.

Sailing in the Aegean - relaxation taken to the extreme

When Diane Kenwood looked around for a relaxing holiday to spend with her oldest friend, a week's sailing along the Turkish coast caught their eye.

Travels with my mum - to Vietnam and Cambodia

It had been a long time since Diane Kenwood holidayed with her mother, but when Ruth announced she wanted to visit Vietnam and Cambodia and would Diane and her sister like to go with her, they didn’t hesitate.

Cala Ratjada - the perfect spot for a solo Majorcan mini-break

With the chance to get away for a few days on her own, Diane Kenwood happily headed to a new part of an island she knows and loves.