What sex is really like in your 50s

When you were younger and firmer, whatever you imagined sex when you got to your 50s would be like, you were almost certainly wrong, as Bibi Lynch reveals. 

“Sex is my addiction. My heroin, my vodka. But much less harmful”

Elizabeth Green grew overlooked in favour of her adored, and eventually infamous, brother. It led her to search for love, and sex, in all the wrong places. Until she moved to New York.

How to Have Sex Again With Someone New 

Having new sex in mid-life, for whatever reason, can be quite the challenge. But it can also be life-affirmingly wonderful. Sex and love expert, Annabelle Knight, guides you through the pitfalls and the potentials of start-again-sex.

I've Taken Up 59

Josephine Pembroke started her cabaret show at 59, rediscovering her sexuality, the wild days of 80s Soho and her time in a Pussy Power band in the 90s. And this year, she’s bringing it to the Edinburgh Fringe…

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Love Island, porn and Generation XXX

ITV's Love Island glorifies a culture of sex without feelings. But there is a very dark side to all this and it's time we addressed it writes Eleanor Mills.

'I left my husband for a woman'

VG Lee married her first boyfriend at 18, and though she could sense something was wrong, it wouldn't be until nearly 20 years after that that she could explore her true identity.

Porn for kids is not the answer. Better sex ed is

Teen girls think it is normal to be choked or throttled during a snog

The pornification of teenlife

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10 sex toys for women in midlife

Whether you have a partner or are flying solo, these 10 sex toys and aids can make life more pleasurable

What monkeys can teach us about dating

An evolutionary biologist reveals 5 lessons she learned about relationships from studying monkeys

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Why at Noon we say yes to sex in later life

Relate's Rankin campaign reminds us of the joy of sex for everyone

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'I went to a sex club after my divorce'

After her divorce, one woman decided to visit a sex club. The results surprised her

Sexier with age: I feel sexier at 55 than at 29

Long-lost photos made Rosie Millard realise that despite her wrinkles, she's gotten sexier with age