Helen Paris and Leslie Hill

“We have experienced being looked through, looked past or hidden away entirely”

As a young lesbian woman in the eighties, there were no older women couples Helen Paris could look as role models. Now married to her partner of 27 years, she questions whether lesbian couples are any more visible and recognised all these decades later.

Welcome to the parent grief club 

When Kerensa Jennings’ beloved mum died, she became a member of a club she never knew existed or wanted to join, and was left wondering why more people don’t talk about the special searing grief of losing a parent.

'My Mother Saw Parenthood as an Affliction'

When she was eight years old, Leah McLaren’s mother left family life for a glamorous job in the city. In this extract from her memoir, Leah reflects on her mother's ambivalent feelings towards parenthood now that she herself is a mother.

How Parents Can Support Their Child Through an Eating Disorder

Throughout her late teen years, Megan Ravenhall found herself in the grip of an eating disorder. Though she feels she has still not fully recovered, Megan reflects on how her parents' support led her to ultimately choose life.

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Love Island, porn and Generation XXX

ITV's Love Island glorifies a culture of sex without feelings. But there is a very dark side to all this and it's time we addressed it writes Eleanor Mills.

How I gave up school gate politics

The actress Salima Saxton lost her way on the children's playground...until she ditched the Instagram mum lifestyle.

Adopting in midlife: It wasn't what I thought

Margaret Reynolds thought embarking on parenting in midlife would be a personal journey. It was so much more than that...

Poems for midlife

Allie Esiri's collection A Poet for Every Day of the Year features poems for life's big and little moments. We excerpt ones for empty nest, hope, love and more

Four generations of Oxford women

The women in Eleanor Mills's have been going to Oxford for 4 generations. It's important, but not for the obvious reasons, she reveals.

Porn for kids is not the answer. Better sex ed is

Teen girls think it is normal to be choked or throttled during a snog

The pornification of teenlife

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Teens and porn: School used to be about the three Rs – now it’s XXX

Teens are watching porn more than ever, changing their behaviour and identities in ways we need to address now.

Moongre: The Indian vegetable that reminds me of family

This vegetable that Minreet Kaur picked and ate in India connects her to her past